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Career Coaching by Mindring can help you break through the barriers that make you feel “stuck”, “trapped”, “held-back”.

Career Coaching can also help you achieve the rounded, fulfilled, connected, growing, balanced career you deserve.
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Career Cultivators

The coach will explore your true career motivators, identify the sources making you feel unfulfilled, and develop actionable goals to improve your career fulfillment.

The coach will help you objectively analyze your skills to compare to similar salaries within your industry and location giving you the confidence to discuss a competitive salary with your manager or HR representative (or with a prospective employer).

Whether you’re working from home, back in the office, or a mix – the coach will listen to concerns and help you address them through planning – improving your confidence and comfort in your existing role.

The coach will work with you to develop a realistic, strategic plan based on your individual priorities. Ongoing coaching can help ensure you hold yourself accountable for successfully completing the goals, staying on the path you’ve created (making adjustments to the plan as necessary), and achieving the work-life balance you need.

The coach helps you own your career development path – developing your strategic career plan, creating goals to drive the plan, setting milestones to ensure you’re progressing, and encouraging habits to ensure accountability through the journey.

The coach is an objective sounding board helping you separate “office noise” from changes that may truly impact your career.

Career Transitioners

The coach will help you to smoothly navigate the transition with confidence, working with you to identify and build the skills and processes you need to be successful.

The coach provides a safe, supporting environment to discuss stress points, blockers, or other impediments during your transition. Coach may discuss consulting options to help with resume, interviewing, and other specific needs.

The coach will help you through the transition from individual leader to management; help you continue to grow your leadership skills while also growing the skills and productivity of your staff; help you handle the “imposter syndrome” feelings.

The coach creates a safe forum for exploring ideas for your “new chapter,” helping you think through the pros/cons/timing of the change; guiding you through the process of developing a plan that meets your priorities; supporting accountability to help you through achieving your plan goals.

Career Explorers

The coach helps you explore your current career position, identify skills, and develop a clear career strategy to find/ create/ grow the job you love.

The coach is an objective, unbiased listener that can help you work through career needs in confidence.

The coach listens to your plans and is an objective sounding board for thoughts to help you create an actionable, winning strategy.

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