About the Company – Mindring Consulting LLC

Why Mindring exists.

Mindring exists to serve YOU! Whether you are underserved by your current company, need an objective perspective, or have other needs that are not currently being met – Coaching by Mindring can help you create and begin executing on a plan toward YOUR success.

Note that YOUR success is just that – it’s what YOU want your career to be (not what external forces may have told you what you must be).

Mindring is founded on the career coaching, mentoring, and leadership skills the owner/coach, Ron Jarvis, developed over his 25+ year corporate career. His formal education as well as personal experiences blend to provide you a coach that’s dedicated to your development.

What Mindring does.

Mindring Consulting LLC formed to provide (1) career coaching services and (2) IT Leadership consulting services to individuals and companies.

How we do it.

So how does Mindring serve you, our customer?

On the career coaching line, the owner/coach, Ron, combines the knowledge from his career success with life coaching skills following the International Coaching Foundation (ICF) guidelines.

On the IT Leadership Consulting line, Ron directly applies the knowledge and skills gained throughout his career to deliver solutions to meet your needs.

Where is Mindring located? & where does it do business?

And where are you located? Mindring is registered in North Carolina; however, the company services clients remotely across the United States. For customers in the areas near Greensboro and Charlotte North Carolina face-to-face contact can be arranged.

Mindring is dedicated to diversity and welcomes people of all backgrounds, experiences, and personal beliefs as clients. We believe in living and working together to make a better world for everyone.

When was Mindring founded?

Mindring Consulting filed as an LLC in North Carolina in March 2022.

How to learn more?

Click the “contact” button below or on the menu bar to connect with Mindring Consulting. Also check out our: