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Self-care: Self-awareness: 4 Inspiring Areas (and 10+ Questions) for Your Self-Awareness Jumpstart

Self-awareness? So you think you have yourself all figured out? In this article we take the idea that self-awareness is critical (even foundational) for self-development and career-development and provide you with 10+ questions in 4 key categories to assess your self-awareness knowledge.

Do you really know you? Let’s find out.

followership many silver pawns following one golden pawn
Career Coaching Followership Self-Care Thought skills

The Power of Followership: Why Being a Good Follower Matters

Everyone wants to be the “lead dog” – right? No one chooses to be a “follower” – where “the view never changes”. Then why, in reality, do most people spend much more of their lives following than leading? In this article, I explore the case of why good followers are needed and set the foundation for exploring the topic in future articles (based on your interest and feedback).

Critical Thinking Lost spelled out with Scrabble tiles
Career Coaching Thought skills

Critical Thinking: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Thinking Critically

Critical thinking. Analytical thinking. Criticism. How do you navigate the thousands of decisions you have to make on a daily basis? In this article, I take a look at the role of critical thinking, analytical thinking, and raw criticism play and offer 10 questions you may ask yourself to improve your outcomes.

self-care - mindfulness can help reduce stress don't pull your hair out
Career Coaching Self-Care

Self-care: Mindfulness for Professionals with Limited Time

Self-care. Mindfulness. How much time do you invest in taking care of yourself? Do you feel overwhelmed by your professional or life commitments? It’s not unusual to feel that way but can be harmful to your mental and physical health if you are overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, etc. for a significant length of time. In today’s Mindring Monday article, I introduce “mindfulness” as a tool to help with these situations that doesn’t require a great deal of time or resources to see benefits.

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