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Welcome to the Mindring Consulting blog – I’m Ron Jarvis, company founder and owner, and I’m happy you’re here and excited to get started with Career Coaching services in late 2022. Putting the words “mind” and “ring” together to form a company name may bring different visions to different people so, in this entry, I’ll provide a bit of insight into how I came up with the name, what it means to me, and a few of the things that I hope the word “mindring” evokes in others.

If you’re in a hurry, the joining of the words “mind” and “ring” are intended to evoke a vision of circling one’s mind with a partition, a ring, filtering out the surrounding chaos and noise; bringing with it focus, clarity, understanding, peace, and the power over one’s “self” and direction.

As part of the career coaching I provide through Mindring, a major objective is to help the individual find career fulfillment through introspection, focus, and accountable-execution. Receiving coaching from an objective and confidential source such as Mindring may be a missing link that helps break through resistance or blocks that you, the professional, may be struggling with.

On the consulting side, the mind and ring metaphors are foundational to my work ethic and process that I use to successfully deliver solutions to the client’s needs. But there’s more to the story…

About - Coach Ron Jarvis, CPC, MCPC Owner, Mindring Consulting LLC
Career Coach & Owner
Ron Jarvis, CPC, MCPC Owner, Mindring Consulting LLC
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As I began thinking about how to help people through coaching services, I realized that many of the most impactful transformations in my career originated with some action or event bringing greater focus of my mind towards tasks and a stronger emotional investment in the outcome. One of the first examples that sprang to mind was my discovery of Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” – specifically his use of circles as a metaphor for separation of things that we have more and less control over. While I was introduced to the concepts much earlier in life, as an aside – mom was a huge fan of the Serenity Prayer, something about the simple, ring graph resonated and helped my focus both professionally and personally.

Barnum and Bailey’s Circus interrupted the thought – bringing to mind the noise; the smells; the both bright, blinding lights and contrasting darkness; the unexpected; the fear for the performers; the excitement; the chaos.

The chaos of the circus really encapsulates many of the feelings I’ve experienced throughout my career – excitement from the promise of a new project or learning a new skill, reward and satisfaction of successfully completing a job, and the disappointment of failing on an assignment or not being considered for a role. The sensory overload from both the circus atmosphere and a typical career have some parallels; one example is that both can also be overwhelming to the senses. At the circus there were times when many acts were going on in different areas of the ring (or rings) and, if I tried to take them all in at the same time, my mind couldn’t process it all. All the action put me out of balance. However, when I focused on one act I could really enjoy it before moving on to the next – that is something I could really relate to in my professional career.

Some of the most successful times in my career came after I was able to “master my mind” and focus to “master my ring”. Like the circus Ringmaster, finding a way to balance, orchestrate, and often simply roll-with the action through the chaos is, to me, more of a self-discovered art than a taught skill – that’s where I think coaching helped throughout my career and that I may be able to pass along to others.

Welcome to Mindring Consulting - Coaching by Mindring. Image of Circus Ringmaster. Image of becoming ringmaster of your career circus!
Welcome to Mindring Consulting - Coaching by Mindring. Zen of career balance through career coaching.

I could go on about other, personal thoughts regarding the mind and ring symbolism that led me to name the company Mindring Consulting and that might resonate with others. For now, I won’t bore you with additional details. Instead, I’ll leave you knowing that the intent of Mindring is providing focus in the midst of life’s chaos and creating a safe, peaceful space within the client’s mind to enjoy successes and hone their skills before wading back into the fray.

As I said earlier, I’m happy and thankful that you’ve found Mindring and I hope you’ll be back for future blog entries. Follow the company pages on your favorite social media site – LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Instagram – for the latest posts.

I also hope you’ll consider me for current or future career coaching needs. You can find out more about the company below.

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