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Retirement Dreamers –
Are You Ready To Retire On YOUR Terms?
What If You Could Retire Safely, Sooner Than You Think?
Integrating Retirement Planning Into Your Personal Career Plan Can Be Your Ticket To Empowerment & Liberation

So you’ve been told that “you’ll NEVER be able to retire” – believe that and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. So how do you keep that from happening? Integrating retirement as a natural part of your career plan of course!

How do I know? I used to believe that I could never retire and, if I did, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. I’m fortunate that I stopped listening to the negative voices, found my own definitions for “success”, “more”, and others, and built a career plan that included retirement from working for someone else. I cannot express how liberating and empowering building and working a career plan like this can be; however, I can do better, I can work with you to develop your own, personal plan!

Career Coaching by Mindring Consulting partners with you to help you look at retirement as a holistic part of your career plan. In fact, it’s the stage of your career where you can realize the rewards of your career strategy and career advantages you’ve diligently worked on and sacrificed to achieve for so many years.

Worried you won’t have enough money? Unsure of what you will do with your time? Afraid your purpose in life is so intertwined with your job that you’ll lose your identity?

Check out how these and other concerns can be effectively addressed as part of the holistic career plan you can create in partnership with the Mindring Career Coach:

#1: Transition Planning and Financial Clarity:

  • Driver: Many leaders focus on self-leadership skills in developing their careers. At the same time they neglect strategic financial planning for retirement or semi-retirement. They are unsure of how much they need to save, manage investments, or navigate taxes in the post-work phase.
  • Benefits: You may have heard of the Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) movement. Career Coaching by Mindring can be your partner in integrating your FIRE goals into your career plan.

    Coaching helps you analyze your income and expenses, create a realistic retirement budget, explore investment options you can discuss with your financial professional, and ensure financial security.

    You gain confidence knowing your “number” and navigate complex financial decisions with expert guidance.

    While the coach will not replace your professional financial advisor, the insights you gain will be crucial when working with your professional financial advisor on a financial plan to support the points from your career plan.

#2: Purpose Discovery and Identity Shift:

  • Driver: Leaders often find their primary identity intertwined with their work. Approaching retirement can lead to an identity crisis and uncertainty about “who they are” without their professional roles.
  • Benefits: Coaching helps you explore your values, passions, and interests beyond work. You create a vision for your post-retirement life, develop new skills and hobbies, and transition from “leader” to “fulfilling individual.”

    This clarity and purpose combat retirement anxiety and create excitement for the future.

    Warning – you may find your “next chapter” calling to you stronger than your current chapter.

#3: Skill Gap Identification and Reskilling:

  • Driver: Leaders know their current skills may not be relevant in the post-retirement world. They fear becoming irrelevant or lacking purpose in their new life.
  • Benefits: Coaching helps you identify skills needed for your desired post-retirement activities (e.g., volunteering, starting a business) and create a personalized reskilling plan.

    You gain access to resources, learning platforms, and networking opportunities to bridge skill gaps and feel confident moving into new chapters.

#4: Navigating Family Dynamics and Relationship Shifts:

  • Driver: Retirement can significantly impact family dynamics and relationships. Leaders may worry about partner adjustment, managing free time together, and navigating changed roles within the family.
  • Benefits: Coaching provides a safe space to discuss family concerns, develop communication strategies, and set realistic expectations for post-retirement life.

    You learn to manage boundaries, negotiate responsibilities, and strengthen relationships even as roles and routines change.

#5: Overcoming Fear and Embracing Uncertainty:

  • Driver: Even financially secure and passionate leaders can be afraid of leaving familiar structures and facing the unknown. The fear of failure, boredom, or losing control can be paralyzing.
  • Benefits: Coaching helps you confront your fears, develop positive mindset tools, and embrace the uncertainty of retirement.

    You learn to reframe challenges as opportunities, build resilience, and find joy in the unknown. It gives you the courage to take that leap and truly enjoy your well-earned retirement.

Unsure where to start? Career coaching provides a personalized roadmap. Retirement is just a natural step in the career path – why do so many people ignore it don’t make it a part of their active career plan?

With Coaching by Mindring you’ll receive holistic career planning – including how and when you want to retire on your terms. Consider career coaching an investment in your future happiness and a bridge to a fulfilling post-retirement life.

Invest in yourself. Invest in Career Coaching by Mindring.

Remember, you don’t have to navigate this alone. A career coach can be your trusted partner in designing a retirement transition plan you can truly embrace and will be eager and confident to follow.

Take the first step towards clarity and confidence – retirement doesn’t have to be a dream – make it a reality! Contact a career coach today and unlock the full potential of your next chapter!

Let’s chat to explore what a holistic career plan can do for your retirement dreams! Click the button below to book a Clarity Call for your next step!